Yes, we can create custom bags!

We specialize in creating bags with custom-fit shapes to meet your specifications and our respected experts in flexible packaging will guide you in determining the best materials to use.

Whether it’s protection against moisture, oxygen or aggressive chemicals, IMPAK can help your product stand out from the crowd by designing pouches and packaging that are unavailable anywhere else for applications in medical, food, industrial and newly developing markets that have yet to be addressed.

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How do we do this?

IMPAK flexible packaging solutions can help you to avoid choices that may be detrimental to the product, the integrity of the packaging, and the profitability of your business.

With over two decades of product creation knowledge working with partners that range from large established companies to start-up entrepreneurs, IMPAK uses this experience to review the many possible outcomes of choices such as down-gauging to reduce shipping costs or solving potential delamination issues by using specific materials to match your application’s special needs.

For example, we recently completed a custom bag order for 7.5 mil 40” X 60” bags created from our PAKDRY7500 material to be used for packing “composite prepreg”, which is a specially formulated resin matrix system reinforced with man-made fibers such as carbon, glass and aramid and is used for aircraft primary structures and subsea tubes for oil and gas exploitation. These large bags were designed with our material’s dual layers of both 48 gauge polyester and 60 gauge biaxially oriented nylon combined to protect these integral components with a barrier to high moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, while providing high resistance to puncture, and are suitable for vacuum packing.

We also build vacuum sealers for this application. Learn more


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Some examples of other custom bags we can do.


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12.75" OD x 100 Yards PAKVF4C Mylar Tubing - TVF4C1275Y100
12.75" O.D. x 100 yards (300 ft.) Mylar Foil Open End Tubing Roll Material: PAKVF4..
36" Wide x 200 Yards Marvelseal 360 Rollstock - MS360-36Y200
36" wide x 200 yards long MARVELSEAL 360 rollstock 3" corrugated core ..
 24” OD x 200 yards PAKVF4C100 Roll Stock - RLVF41C24200YD
 24” O.D. x 200 yards (600 ft.) Roll Stock Material: PAKVF4C100  ..