The latest in packaging news, guides, and novel ways IMPAK customers are using flexible packaging, sorbents and sealers.

Custom Hands Free Pouch Opening machine
Automated Pouch Openers

IMPAK took on the challenge to make a hands-free pouch opening system that worked with our customer's needs.
[See Our Pouch Opener in Action]

Vacuum Sealing a Bag of Asperagus
Vacuum Sealing at Home

What was once an industrial packaging technique comes home. New technology has made vacuum sealing in your kitchen easier than ever.
[Read More about Tabletop Vacuum Sealers]

Pile of Homemade Beef Jerky
Bring Your Jerky to the Next Level

Jerky is an American tradition, and with modern packaging technology your jerky can remain fresh long after its curing.
[See Jerky Packaging Options]

Variety of Chamber Sealer options and styles
Packaging and Chamber Sealer Solutions

We helped Chubby Snacks to refine their product line and thereby increase shelf life and production speed.
[See the steps we took here]

Front and back of StayDry molecular sieve desiccant
Why Is Molecular Sieve the Best Desiccant

For products with a heavy moisture sensitivity, you can always rely upon Molecular Sieve desiccants to achieve a long shelf life.
[See what makes them such great desiccants]

Upgraded Proampac with temperature control
Intelligent Sealing System Platform Upgrade

For projects that require precise temperature control, we can upgrade older machines with our latest packaging technology.
[See More About Our iS2 Control Systems]

green vaccum pags for Hops
Hops: Packaging and Preservation

Hops is a tricky ingredient to handle. With the right pouch material, absorbers, and sealing machine you can count on good flavor.
[More About Our Green Line of Hops Packaging]

medical equipment geing readied for sterilization
Instrument Packaging for Sterilization

Anyone who deals in sterilized goods knows how much trouble it can be to keep things sanitary. IMPAK's pre-sterilization options make it easier.
[More About Our Sterilized Materials]

Yorker tip fitment on a stand pouch
Looking For A Custom Fitment?

Have an idea for a new product that needs a pour spout? We have years of experience in developing spouts and fitments.
[See fitments for SpoutPAK™ pouches]